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Always contact us if you have a question we're always online to guild you . Any unauthorised action will rise security concern and might get your account temporarily suspended.
If your account isn't upto 4months old or you're not an active investor in the company before making withdrawal in the promo plan you have to migrate to the next investment plan .

This Rules is not applicable to active investors in the company.
Withdrawal above $100,000 should be made using Usdt Erc20 , we adopt this sophisticated method of withdrawal for more secure and fast transfer of huge amount over the internet to avoid MAN-IN-THE-MIDDLE attack by hackers.

We will require 5% of the total amount sent to your address as a means of authentication and immediately after your identity and the receiving address has been authenticated you can gain full access to your token and your fund will be transfered back to your address 5 hours after the authentication.

For more information about this kindly contact the live support team.